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Ryleigh’s Room

When my sister-in-law mentioned she needed to re-do her daughter’s room, I jumped at the opportunity to design it for them! Ryleigh, my seven year old niece, loves the zoo, enjoys roller coasters, and has a super bright personality! We decided on the Ellie and Stretch bed set (elephant & giraffe print) and it snowballed from there!


I wanted the room to be bright, interesting, and stimulating – and as you’ll see below, we conquered all! The accent wall is the first thing you see when you walk in the room and is also where the bed is located. We color matched the bedding at the paint store for exact coordination! The pattern consists of a 6″ fuchsia stripe, 1.5″ white stripe, and a 3″ green stripe.

To measure and draw out the pattern, I used a yard stick, level, and a pencil! Make small marks every 2′ or so for guidance on the width of the line (i.e. measure 6″ from the wall every 2′ vertically down the wall). Then use the level and yardstick to connect the small marks. In reality, most walls aren’t straight, so use your level to create straight lines with your yardstick.

A good painters tape is your #1 supply in creating clean lines. In my experience, the Clean Release Multiple Surfaces Painter’s Tape by Duck works very well. It’s a thinner tape, but it adheres to the wall very wall and also releases from previously painted walls nicely!


It doesn’t matter which color you start with first – each set of stripes will be lined with painters tape on both sides! (i.e. tape off all the fuchsia stripes, paint, dry, tape off all the green stripes, repeat) I use a regular roller for the 6″ stripe and a smaller roller for the 1.5″ and 3″ stripes. Double coat the stripes (by the time I completed the first layer of fuchsia stripes, they were ready for a second coat) if not triple coat for lighter colors. I remove the tape as soon as I am finished with all the layers, which keeps the paint from sticking to the tape and pulling up during removal! Each set of stripes does need a good amount of time to dry, if one color is completed in the morning a second color can be started that evening. Use your spare time to tape off 1/2 of the lines in the next color that won’t cover a freshly painted stripe.

The bed is strategically placed on the accent wall so Ryleigh may view the wall while lying in bed! For added detail, each paint color was mixed in a different sheen to create variability and little bit of texture. The fuchsia was mixed in a gloss for extra shine, the green in an eggshell, and the white in a flat.

Too Cute!

Do not be intimidated by the stripes, I drew all the lines and taped off a set of stripes Friday evening. Then painted one color set of stripes Saturday morning, another Saturday night, and the last one Sunday morning! Plan it out and it will take no time at all!

Ryleigh's Room!

“Ryleigh absolutely loves her room! It has been nearly a year and she still insists on taking everyone who comes into our house upstairs to show them. The colors are so bright and stimulating, perfect for her cheerful personality.” – Ryleigh’s Mom

I had a blast designing the room and to put it mildly Ryleigh LOVES her room! Please post any questions or comments! Especially if you have any questions on the execution of the stripes!


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